From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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Jellyfish on the Moon
I wasn’t born here, I was born on the moon, I don’t know what’s up or what’s down
I wasn’t supposed to leave my home, I wasn’t supposed to be found
Here with gravity, holding me close to the ground
I have a resistance to east and to west, I don’t want to go either way
But with much persistence I’m moving on, but in what direction I cannot say
Because gravity is holding me close to the ground
I am a jellyfish birthed on the moon, I’m evolving
I am a jellyfish birthed on the moon, I’m revolving and I don’t know how
But I’ll find my way somehow
You wouldn’t believe if I told you the truth, you won’t understand what it meant
Turns out my life was transported here, I was a mad scientist’s experiment
And they let me go and released me into the cold (Chorus)
Excuse me please but there’s been some mistake, I was born to be free and float in outer space
You brought me down to earth and I can’t find my place ‘cause I’m topsy-turvy, I’m topsy-turvy I’m… (Chorus)