1. For You And I

From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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For You and I
For you and I there is no distance, no future, no past tense, no sense of time
For you and I there is no heaven, no hell to be forgiven, no reason, no rhyme
For you and I there is no history, no sense of mystery, there is no why
For you and I, we are not earth bound, we never touch ground when we can fly
Can you imagine that we had never begun and that we’ll never end?
Can you imagine that we are not separate at all, but that we’re just one spark lighting up a sky full of love
What brought us close? The law of attraction, but human reaction is keeping us alive here
You bring me home, a place I can let go, and I don’t even really know until I arrive there (Chorus)
I’m here to console, and this is not romance, this is not by chance, it’s what we’re made for
O bless my soul, I share it freely, take anything that you need, you give me back so much more