From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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I can see your hands are tied, you want to hold the hand of your beautiful bride
But it’s not safe, you need to hide, you get glances when you take outside chances

And still you choose love, even though you’re in danger
All the moments you’ve lost having to act like you’re strangers in your own land

Coming in now for a kiss, you have to look around, make sure that nothing’s amiss
There’s no one you want to offend, least of all a relative or a friend

Love is rare and hard to find, it moves the heavens and the earth and the stars to all align;
You give up everything, you make it through, only for someone to say it’s not for you, but love is love.

When will love be free for everyone, when will it be safe to hold hands and kiss in the sun
No matter your origin, your race, your creed, your color, your religion (Chorus)