From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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I Am Nothing New
Verse 1
Hey you, with all of your familiar
Everyone loves you and all you lay bare
Shrouded with the stars all around you
They enter your orbit and want to stay there
And I want to stay there, too
I am nothing new

Verse 2
Is that you with your beautiful broken
Strewn out in pieces for everyone to see?
Sung like an angel or secretly spoken
Leaving your lips and then entering me
And I am broken, too
But I am nothing new

There you go with your transient energy
Don’t stay too long they might find out you’re real
Hung on a tightrope of lyrical tragedy
It’s not what you said it’s how you made them feel
Walking out the door
Leave them wanting more
And I am left there, too
And I am nothing new

Verse 3
Catch me now, for I’m melting like stubborn snow
Clinging to dirt in a mall parking lot
Part of me hoping I still have a twilight’s glow
Most of me knowing it’s dust that I’ve got
But I hold on like glue
Vanishing from view
And I am nothing new.