From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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Aging Like a Son of a B
I never thought I’d be around to watch my hair turn silver brown overnight
For all the fears the world lays bare, to be afraid of my own hair isn’t right
So I embrace the gray, although it seems so radical and strange
If wisdom comes with hair of white, well, let’s just call them highlights, c’mon, bring this change

Oh, I won’t hang on to who I used to be
Oh, no, I am moving on, getting closer, positively free – aging like a son of a B

I’ve been around enough to know that hearts that break grow seven times their size
And those who we admire as strong, to place on pedestals is wrong I realize
But I’d do it all again, make all the same friends and love with no bounds
For lonely in my darkest hour the hand of God in all its power turns me right around (Chorus)

You might see my hair aqua blue or there may surface a tattoo along the way
For though I’m standing in my truth, I might steal a lesson from the youth and play
So I say “you do you”, and I’ll do me and we’ll all just be fine
For those who close to me well know, I play with puzzles and Legos and color outside the lines