1. Our Face

From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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Our Face
I see your face in the mirror,
Of all thing things in life I got to choose, I didn’t choose to look like you
Yet there you are, just like you’re alive,
how did I survive thinking all those years you weren’t here.
I see your eyes look upon me, with all the things that I’ve accused you of
Not one of them was love
Yet there you are, staring back and me, surely you can see
That the love barely hides the pain
On the other side of the mirror
If you could see the life that I have lived, and the measure of forgiveness
Heals our souls to win, a multitude of sins covered up without a trace upon my face
I see those lines in the mirror, for all the things that I have suffered for
I know you suffered more
It would appear, I lived my life with ease, you lived yours with disease
So I pray that there is grace written on our face.