From the recording Jellyfish on the Moon

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Who’s madder than the mad hatter?
Who’s angry and has good cause?
Who’s grumpier than the Grinch?
I’m pretty sure it’s Mrs. Claus
She’s the brains behind the business
She’s Santa’s shop’s backbone
Santa’s workshop is slowly sinking
And Santa works from home
The North Pole is home to Santa
It sits on a big ole sheet of ice
But the ice is slowly melting
Santa’s gonna need a floatation device
The snow’s fallen here for thousands of centuries
Long before hunters and gatherer’s roamed
Mrs. Claus has seen the documentaries
Documenting her melting home
She’s trading Santa’s reindeer for porpoise
Trading his sleigh for a big old boat
She’s writing up a habeas corpus
Cause she’s a prisoner of this melting moat (chorus)
Who’s madder than the mad hatter

Who wants there to be better laws
Who wants to save Santa’s workshop
I’m pretty sure it’s Mrs. Claus; you know it’s Mrs. Claus