From the recording Chasing Happy


Verse 1

Time marches on now, you wish you knew just what was on your plate,
You eat it anyway
You march to a different tune, if only you knew what would become your fate,
Still you march along

Before you know it you’re no longer free,
For all you know you’ve reached your destiny,
Before you know it hits you in the face,
Before you know it, it all falls into place.

Verse 2
With so many wrong notes played, maybe my life is just cacophony, I can barely hear it,
Who says that they’re wrong anyway, maybe I’m inventing harmonies that only I can hear.

You know I always go the way the wind blows
But you can never stop the wind from making it blow again.

Verse 3
What does being happy mean? Can I be happy just where I am?
I am right here now.
‘Cause I’ve been chasing happy, chasing happy so it can’t keep up with me,
I’m right where I should be (Chorus)

©2017 Lisa Jeanette