1. Lansdowne

From the recording Chasing Happy


Verse 1
Places never stay the same,
I never fell in love with a place or its name
But if there were one that I would choose
It’s a place that I would never want to lose.

Lansdowne, a pretty little town
All kinds of people there to show you around and it’s
Hands down, the place I wanna go
It’s my home and I’m never gonna roam from Lansdowne

Verse 2
They hang flowers in the air,
You can walk along the streets without a care,
Musicians in the square, you won’t want to leave and you won’t know how you got there

Remember how I met you there? Remember it was on a dare
I dared you to meet me there three times
The music store had closed too fast
We pressed our noses to the glass
I knew we wanted more beneath the sycamore
It only took one time
It only took one time
It only took one time (Chorus)

©2017 Lisa Jeanette