From the recording Chasing Happy


Somebody come for me now
I can’t find my way home again
Somebody come for me now
I’m lost, forsaken

Verse 1
Used to be I’d drive around and I’d purposely lose the road
Mostly I’m driven by sound, and the sound told me which way to go
I can’t hear you now, I can’t hear you now (Chorus)

Verse 2
Mostly thought I’m where I need to be, the universe, the Lord’s in control.
Some people follow their heart, but I’ve always followed my soul
I can’t feel you now, I can’t feel you now. (Chorus)

Verse 3
I try to be like a sunflower raising my face to the sun,
Focusing my energy from morning ‘till day is done.
I can’t see you know, I can’t see you now. (Chorus)

©2017 Lisa Jeanette