1. Marie Laure

From the recording Chasing Happy


Marie Laure faces each day with a cane in her hand
With each step a plan
Counting the drains that lead to the baker
Are you brave, Marie Laure?

Verse 1
Who would have guessed you carried a message
To send through the airwaves that no one can see?
What do they see? Only a bakery, you see, Marie Laure.

Verse 2
A barnacle grows, and there on the barnacle snails trail along
And there on the snail, a barnacle grows, and so much we all grow,
So must we all trail along

Verse 3
He said “you’re brave”
That’s what they all say, but she disagreed, “I just live, c’est la vie.
Don’t you do the same?”, “Maybe today you’ve made me brave, Marie Laure.”

Verse 4
And so what is love, but moments we share when our time is at hand,
And hands intertwine,
A moment ago you soared through my soul,
But you’re gone now, Marie Laure.

©2017 Lisa Jeanette