From the recording Chasing Happy


Verse 1
Icy windows at night
Reflecting candles and dancing firelight
Everyone’s gone to the New Year; everyone’s on their way
That’s how we celebrate the holidays

Verse 2
A thousand pieces all fit; cardboard pieces are easier to grip,
Pieces of life are a puzzle, some are hard to find,
Some just slip away over time

For all the most important things, it easy to forget
This world will stand you on your head, you’ll ask the mirror “have we met?”
Searching for home remedies, for feeling all alone
The only remedy I need is home

Verse 3
Will we have many more, this time next year, will you walk through the door?
Will we sing songs to remember, drink to everyone, will we live to see the next one?

Verse 4
Memories that won’t fade, Mummers strut in the New Year’s Day parade,
And when they are done, we are dancing, with candles and firelight,
That’s how we end New Year’s Night.

©2017 Lisa Jeanette