1. Pearl

From the recording Chasing Happy


Verse 1
If you had told that little girl
A grain of sand becomes a pearl
Life wouldn’t always be so rough
You don’t have to be so tough
And you would be enough

Verse 2
If you had told her she was fine
And that it was good to be kind
And that love was truly blind, love was truly blind
And true love you will find

What a difference it would make
It’s okay, make your mistakes
There’s something that’s called grace, it comes along
Right when you feel done

Verse 3
I wish I could go back in time
And have the confidence I’ve yet to find
I’d be wiser, I’d be bolder, I’d be brave just like a soldier
Probably wishing I was older

Verse 4
If I have only one regret
It would be where I placed my bets
I’d be the longshot I’m behind, I’d vote for me every time
And pray that I was right (Chorus)

Verse 5
By the grace of God I am not done
And in some ways I’ve just begun
And I want to be someone touched by the sun
Long before I’m gone

©2017 Lisa Jeanette