From the recording Chasing Happy


Verse 1
It would take a song to bring you back to me
When everything seems wrong, a song can set you free
Nothing in this world can change what came to be
But if I sing it in a song, it’s like you’ve never gone

Verse 2
And on the radio a song begins to play
A song you used to love when it was often played
The world spins back in time and there I am with you
And as I hum along it’s like you’ve never gone

Verse 3
You said “I hope you dance”, it’s never been my thing
So when it’s time to dance, I’d really rather sing
But lately I give in and dance around the room
And as I sing along, it’s like you’ve never gone

Oh I never want to lose my sense of you
And with everything, I think “what would you do”
Oh the places that you occupy, my heart my mind my soul
Still music can remember things that I forget I know

Verse 4
They say time heals all wounds, it’s something I dispute
If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s nothing’s absolute
My wounded heart won’t heal although time passes on
I catch a glimpse of you, it’s like you’ve never gone
You’re dancing in my heart, it’s like you’ve never gone.

©2017 Lisa Jeanette