From the recording You Must Have Been High (Demo)

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Female vocal and piano only demo version. Walking bass jazzy-ish comical tune with subtle and not so subtle references to marijuana. No explicit lyrics, the word "marijuana" is not mentioned in the song, just references.


You must have been high when you said those words
There’s no other way one would explain how they got heard
I must have been mad to believe what ensued
That those words would escape your lips that way unless you were stewed
Bridge 1
Since we’ve been apart I’ve checked on my heart
It’s such a relief my heart still beats and that my love still pours and it still isn’t yours
And I must be right on that moonlit night you were high as a kite
You must have been high to have been so intense
Those words wouldn’t come out not without some blunt influence
I must have been mad to think you meant what you said
However far you did blow hard right into my head
Bridge 2
Since you’ve been gone I’ve written some songs
And sometimes it works to call you a jerk
Then I feel better then, holding my mighty pen
I use it to write, I use it to fight and I usually win
You must have been high but I must admit
Wouldn’t know what to do if that really were you and you weren’t so lit
I must have been mad or much too serious
But no harm, no pain, no need to explain why you were delirious
Last Chorus
And as for those words which you did intone that you’ve now chosen to disown
Are they strung in your head like lyrics you forget?
Well, then forget me too if you must, long forgotten I’ll turn to rust
And I’ll melt in your brain right next to Mary Jane